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Reddit AMA, March 8, 2019 Music and Language: The Work of Nina Kraus ... Music training has a lifelong good impact on the aging process, says a new study out of Northwestern University St. Louis Post Dispatch, June 20, 2012 Music training improves the aging process, researchers say Will Does Reddit Science “Ask Me Anything” ... Dichtel Research Group, Northwestern University, 2145 Sheridan Rd. Yesterday, we had learned the Glendale, Arizona, rounds were going to be impacted because of State Farm Stadium has cancelled fan attendance for the two remaining for the … northwestern: you know damn well you applied here because UChicago donged you. Yes! I’m Dr. Teresa Woodruff from Northwestern University here to answer any questions you may have about ovarian biology, oncofertility, and the importance of sex and gender inclusion in the biomedical sciences. I'm a 32 yr old woman who is currently undergoing chemoradiation for large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of the cervix. But that's California specific and not an NU issue. Learn More about Classes and Events. I loved the school when I visited and the whole vibe of the school. I myself took the 8,000 grant my 1L summer to work in a PI capacity. My plans were to stay in Chicago and work in big-midlaw here. How does this disorder affect me and what more can I do to regulate my hormones and help ovulation occur? I had no ties besides my husband and I had to make my ties very very clear for them to take a chance on me, this included using my MIL's address on my resume. AMA about why small amounts of money for Ugandan farmers helped … It’s ranked #9 in Best National Universities. My friend and colleague, bioethicist Laurie Zoloth calls oncofertility the Joseph Project - this takes its name from the biblical story when grain must be stored during 7 years of feast in order to protect against an upcoming 7 years of famine. The program is designed to foster flexibility and creativity while preparing students to become leaders in medicine. The world is facing a tsunami of diseases associated with the obesity and diabetes epidemic that is not just washing over our shores but is literally starting to take down the walls of our health. my JD is going towards my political goals, which involve irreparably destroying the environment and eliminating taxes on the rich ProjectICO is a turn-key ICO solution for projects that are seeking to do a token sale (ICO), based in Raleigh, NC. Of the group of us going to Cal, we got our jobs from OTIP, Bay Area Diversity Fair, OCI (so people do get it from on campus) and Networking. I love Chicago, good public transportation, good food, and my family is here. Endocrine distruptors are real and have impact at many levels of the reproductive system. Hi Reddit! Most people their 1L will work in PI, work for a judge (suuuuuper common actually, most of my friends did Judicial Externships their 1L year) do something in house, work for the clinic, research for a professor, do an SA, or some combination of all of that. My question is in regards to PCOS - why isn't there more known about it? How large of a role does the obesity epidemic play in rising levels of infertility? S. Subsequently. In this guide, we’ll provide more information about Northwestern HPME, including how to get in and what to expect. At Northwestern, you have DI athletes, talented musicians, theater students (some of which end up on talk shows, in movies, and on broadway), Daily Northwestern journalism zealots who love to write and live in the Daily newsroom, a variety of … is it more of a professional school or an undergrad type school? Chicago tends to be a bit more competitive than NY, and we have a lot of NY firms come to OCI and do Pre-OCU with our students. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. how are the public interest supports? I wasn't given an opportunity to preserve my fertility due to the rarity and the aggressive behavior of my cancer. How will this direct the future of medical care? Apparently the support is incredible. (And now anyone at NU reading this knows who I am, hello!). I did get my preferred job and will be going to a speciality firm out in SoCal. Northwestern team develops new antibody test for COVID-19. Find and submit new publications and popular science coverage of current research. Help with law school personal statements, application requirements, and admissions chances. The options for pediatric patients should only be done under IRB. When we change the rigidity of the matrix that we use to grow follicles, the more rigid the ovary the more androgen is made. I didn't. Monster Energy AMA Supercross 2021: Feld Entertainment has released the first, full 17-round 2021 Monster Energy AMA Supercross schedule. The nice part about being in Chicago is that there is a huge job market, especially if you're willing to work for free in public interest. I think it makes us all a bit more chill and a bit more relaxed about law school. It will help folks make better decisions about the own health!! Northwestern University’s Honors Program in Medical Education (HPME) is a unique seven-year BA or BS/MD program. On July 5, ACS Publications hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit’s r/Science with Professor Chad A. Mirkin to discuss what’s new in nanoscience and more. The changing landscape of fertility/infertility is no doubt being impacted at the developmental level and in adults. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology | Northwestern, How to get into American and Canadian law schools. MILWAUKEE, May 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- A.M. Best Company has affirmed the A++ financial strength rating of Northwestern Mutual and Northwestern Long Term Care Insurance Company. Menopause is the time when no follicles are left in the ovary. Posted on October 4, 2014 November 30, 2016 by dlg6123. I loved NU and it was my first choice school. California is a bit insular because they don't want you to come for two years and then leave to go somewhere else, they want people to stay, so convincing them you'll stay is the hard part. This work was fostered by my interest in ovarian biology. The American Association of Pediatrics in its guidelines instructs physicians that parents are encouraged to consider fertility sparing options for their children. Since the oocytes are present from birth through the fifth decade, it is AMAZING how good the quality is for so many years. Super viable. Student panels will offer an opportunity to pose questions to current undergraduate students via online chat, much like an “Ask Me Anything” thread on Reddit. Read about the latest advances in astronomy, biology, medicine, physics, social science, and more. But buy a good coat in an off season sale if you decide to come. Penn student AMA (Very bored) Go ahead, just finished my first semester at Penn and it was pretty great so I’d love to blab about it. The food that we eat, the times that we eat it and the way chemicals in processed food changes the hunger centers in our brain is all contributing to these issues. Like I said, hopefully I see a lot of my fellow SDNers on interview day! moody's affirms northwestern university's aaa, aaa/vmig1 and p-1 outstanding ratings in conjunction with conversion of subseries 2004-b, 2008-b and 2008-c adjustable rate revenue bonds to adjustable rate mode from weekly mode; rating outlook is stable When we started this work, young men were able to bank sperm before a potentially sterilizing cancer treatment but women, with the same hope for survival, were not provide options. Is that true? Minimally invasive approach requires single drop of blood. For aspiring pre-med students, it has arguably the best combined BS/MD program in the nation. I was planning on staying in Chicago until about half way through my 1L year when my now husband went "I'd like to go back to LA" and I immediately switched to that being my target market. What made you choose NU? I know someone who got his offer there. cornell: i'm only applying because my parents made me. Yesterday, we had learned the Glendale, Arizona, rounds were going to be impacted because of State Farm Stadium has cancelled fan attendance for the two remaining for the … You can satisfy up to two of the twelve distribution requirements through AP or IB credits, and these credits must be in two different areas. All students are struggling right now. Weight loss is hard in this setting but is associated with good outcomes in reproductive health and for overall health. Sold? Reddit “Ask Me Anything” Posted on January 21, 2016 June 27, 2016 by dlg6123 Will will answer all incoming questions during a Reddit Science AMA on Friday, January 22 at 2 pm eastern time. I honestly have no idea about LRAP and wish I had an answer for you. I'm obviously not paying attention in class, AMA. This way you don't have to get to unsavory parts of the web if you want to know about a simple reproductive term. The luxury vehicle brand is partnering with celebrities Elizabeth Banks and Adam Scott on a … So we have been working to ensure that we all think about sex as a biological variable from bench to bedside. There are definitely genes that are part of the PCOS pathway and endocrine disruptors during development that can cause this phenotype as well. We should be better aware of our reproductive systems and how they impact the rest of our physiology - estrogen, for example, is important to bone and heart health. What is one topic or thing that you feel should be better known by the general public? The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Parents make many difficult decisions on behalf of their children and are often glad to know that fertility is something that should be considered. In 2006, I coined the term “oncofertility” to describe the merging of two fields: oncology and fertility. We began growing individual ovarian follicles in our lab to unravel some of this fundamental biology and developed strategies that are helping cancer patients who want to protect their fertility. I will be back at 2 pm ET to answer your questions, ask me anything! georgetown: i have absolutely no interest in being a lawyer. This is a API and can be linked to any website. I signed up for an interview at Northwestern. Career services was really helpful in getting me in to that market and changing my plan pretty rapidly. So PCOS is likely a series of diseases, each with its own origins. Learn more about living in the Evanston area and being a part of our campus community. Stephen Hyduchak, founder and CEO of ProjectICO announced an reddit AMA session on the NEO subreddit, giving a short introduction to ProjectICO and invited the community to join the AMA session on November 20th at 23:00 Beijing time (15:00 UTC). Thank you for doing this AMA, Dr. Woodruff. AMA!!Live!! Work from my lab points to an interesting new mechanism behind PCOS, the physical rigidity of the ovary. Northwestern Student Perspectives: Online Panels. I have read articles that by age 30, a woman has lost some 90% of the million or so eggs that she was born with, and the overall quality of the remaining eggs has deteriorated, with attendant higher risks of miscarriage and birth defects. Press J to jump to the feed. Compres, a first generation Dominican-American, received the 2017 Excellence in Medicine Minority Scholars Award. Men make sperm constantly – about 1,500 sperm with every heartbeat. Do students get FedGov jobs? Thanks for doing this! I do know lots of people who got their jobs through, networking, OCI, OTIP, Diversity fairs, Pre-OCI, and straight up cold emailing. We place the most in Chicago but that's self selection. I heard you wanted someone to do one of these things. My OCI experience was a whirlwind. Super realistic. Science AMA Series: Hi Reddit! This community is a place to share and discuss new scientific research. Can you talk at all about any work being done on pre-pubertal male/female fertility preservation? By contrast, women are born with all the oocytes that we will ever have – about 1 million in our ovaries. This may be a bit niche to ask, but any clue how NU students do with FedGov hiring? If you're someone from Chicago or another place and trying to break into California without connections, it's hard, no matter where you are. how do students feel about the LRAP? Do you must be top X percent? Search engine: XenForo Search ... Maybe I've read too much reddit/SDN and seen too many horror stories lol. Thanks for doing this AMA! What are your plans and how did NU play into them? The location is great too, I love being downtown and in a city I grew up near. It's not that hard, it just depends on what you want to do 1L. With the CTA pass that's active for you during the school year there are a lot of places you could live and get to school comfortably. However, I'm actually going to California, and Chicago really helped me in pivoting to a marginally insular market that I was trying to crack into. People live everywhere in the city and even in the suburbs. Compres has been active in efforts to reduce health disparities through global health research and advocacy, and spearheads a multi-center project combining infectious disease, dermatology and global health professionals in the United States and Dominican Republic. Do ovaries (that aren't transposed) ever "come back to life"? These are the externals associated with obesity and the medical outcomes that are their consequences. Hi Dr. Woodruff! The Northwestern Medicine Pre-Medicine Internship provides you with an opportunity to work at a premier academic medical center and to learn more about medical professions. For a lot of good reasons, many labs study only one sex. Because we are detached from the undergrad school, it is definitely more of a professional school than undergrad. This is the newest frontier in the oncofertility field - children are now surviving cancer diagnosis in high numbers - nearly 85% of pediatric cancer patients have a 5 year survival rate. I'm from Chicago, so it was almost a no brainer for me. As we learn more about each factor we will be able to treat PCOS in a more personalized way! Here is the story - women are born with all the follicles we will have that contribute to fertility and endocrine health - on average 1 million follicles per woman. So, I'm not public interest, but I've polled my public interest friends because I'm interested in this too. But I also love sunshine and winters are long. I know I won't have kids, but I'd really like to not go through menopause either. If you're a California kid coming out to NU and then want to return back, it's actually not that hard. I think that something that cannot be stressed enough about NU is the collaborative and supportive nature of the other students. Let’s jump right in and take a look at exactly how to get into Northwestern … Gain access to employee portals. Also, the median age at NU is higher and a lot of people have work experience. I addressed 1 up in another answer a bit, but to answer your second question, I actually did not have another choice. Fortune 500 company Northwestern Mutual not only changed the Milwaukee skyline when it built a new high-rise and three-floor Learning Center, it also improved the way it delivers security at both its downtown Milwaukee, WI campus and suburban Franklin, WI campus. Complicated question. Honestly, I feel like the differences between most schools are way overblown. I created a free MOOC in order to help folks understand these concepts a bit better see (link in the intro) and the (link as well) that provides short definitions of reproductive terms. Northwestern University has a lot going for it. The AMA invites additional schools to apply to join the consortium and collaborate on transformative projects that will prepare physicians in training to thrive in complex health care systems. It is critical for oncofertility patients to talk with a reproductive endocrinologists or an oncofertility specialist to make sure that tests are done along the way. I actually grew up in a really small town, and I love Chicago because people have the small town niceness, but you also get the hustle and activities of a big city. It's pediatric cancer awareness month, and most people don't know that kids can get cancer, or that it's treatment it can leave them infertile. Great question - we are all living in an environment that has more chemicals in our food, water and air than ever before. There are two buildings behind the law school, Axis and McClurg where a lot of first year law students and first year medical students will live, but you don't have to. I went all in on NU and figured if they rejected me I would retake the LSAT and go at it another year. Northwestern Medicine offers a wide range of classes, events and support groups throughout the year – in your local community – to help you live a healthier, happier and more informed life. I did not get my job through OCI, I actually got my job through OTIP (the On Tour Interview Program) that NU participates in, that got me into a targeted OCI in LA. Follicles are selected from this 'ovarian reserve' from birth through menopause. Reddit AMA. Science AMA: I’m Seema Jayachandran, economist at Northwestern University. As part of Wildcat Welcome, Northwestern rents out a nearby Target from 10:30 p.m. until 1 a.m. where students receive free ICEEs, popcorn, goody-bags, and can shop for various things they made need for their dorm. Some folks will be surprised to know that the ovarian makes androgen, we typically think of this as the 'male' hormone But females make androgen which is ordinarily converted to estrogen. AMA!!Live!! May 06, 2020 | By Hilary Hurd Anyaso. Absolutely. As a 1L I had 2Ls and 3Ls who mentored me and guided me through 1L and OCI, and I try to pay that forward. I have been diagnosed with PCOS, but am not currently trying to conceive. 2018-2019 Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Though, the line for checkout isn’t as fun as all the shopping. In middle school we teach 'sex ed' but I advocate 'reproductive ed' - what are the organs of our reproductive system, what are the hormones they create - how does that cause menstrual bleeding and why - what is the male reproductive cycle etc. I'm currently having extended field radiation to cover my pelvic region as well as my paraaortic nodes, 30 fractions, followed by 5 boosters, and 2 brachytherapy. I think most people who wanted big law in Cal who were from Cal, got it. The second biggest group of people go to New York. Stay Tuned for More Science on this!! and how would you describe the students at NU? Stay on top of the information you need to navigate the admissions process amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Hi! It then just becomes the government doing the government thing that makes it harder. There is no on campus housing. As antibody testing ramps up across the country, Northwestern University researchers have developed a new method for testing for SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) antibodies. What were your other choices? The specific impact on ovarian or testicular function directly or on the gonadotropin hormones that that you mention are still under investigation in many laboratories. The school supports students as best they can when that happens and helped them get other jobs. Thread starter Lucca; Start date Apr 21, 2018; Search. How difficult is it to land California big law from northwestern? I LOVE life in Chicago. Secondary Prompt: Given the distinctive educational philosophy and integrated curriculum at FSM, describe how your personal characteristics and learning style would fit the institution, and how Feinberg School of Medicine will help you achieve your professional goals. Since adcomms everywhere are trying to craft a diverse class, the variance between people within a school/class are likely to be higher than the variance (in aggregate) between schools within a peerset. Modernity has an impact on our lives but in ways that we cannot fully quantitate. My lab is interested in how the ovarian reserve, this million follicle pool (a follicle is a single egg surrounded by cells that produce hormones like estrogen and support egg maturation) is metered out from birth until menopause – 6 decades to wait for activation. What made you choose NU? In your mind what do you think makes it, different from other schools? Nanotechnology AMA Hello Reddit, I am a professor of Chemistry (as well as Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, and Medicine) and Director of the International Institute for Nanotechnology at Northwestern University. Cool. But, they do start changing around age 37 when the oocytes are no longer able to maintain good chromosome quality - this leads to miscarriage and birth defects. I know two people who got FedGov jobs (one during 1L and one during 2L) who then lost them because the government shutdown and security clearances didn't go through fast enough. / Northwestern University In an exclusive AMA for College Confidential, Mary Dell and Lisa from Grown and Flown , the #1 site for parents of teens, college students and young adults, will be answering questions about parenting teens through a global pandemic. I know it's a relatively new field, but would love to hear about the new advances. In an exclusive AMA for College Confidential, Gaelle Pierre-Louis, a former college admissions officer, reveals surprising insights on the elite college application process. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Yes, it’s cold. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the lawschooladmissions community, Continue browsing in r/lawschooladmissions. But, even as the COVID-19 pandemic reshapes our daily lives, we are eager to show you how far beyond campus the Northwestern community reaches. It is also important to think about contraception - young cancer survivors sometimes think that sterility is the only outcome of their treatment, but unintended pregnancies can occur and hormonal or barrier contraception is important to consider!! Northwestern University’s Honors Program in Medical Education (HPME) awards participants a bachelor’s degree from one of Northwestern’s six undergraduate colleges and an MD from the Feinberg School of Medicine. Dr. Woodruff, thank you for doing this AMA. here's the full list of recent AMAs by current students. One such article: 1L Summer Associate positions are hard to get no matter where you're coming from, but we always have a handful of 1Ls who do it. I know lots of people who do a clinic all of their 2L and 3L and most people really enjoy working in the clinics. My good friend and amazing reproductive scientist Francesca Duncan is working on this problem and has identified the tissue that surrounds the follicle as creating a negative environment for the egg. Many of our most impressive advances have been in IVF and IVM; how would you address more conservative groups about the benefits of these procedures? Physician and Employee Portals. But what I want to know is (and nobody has been able to answer me): Will the radiation definitely kill my ovaries? I did not do a clinic, I did a practicum instead, but I'm in the minority in not doing a clinic. Or, perhaps a better question - is there any new information that the general public may not know about in regards to treatment or causes? I don't know that you even need to be in the top X percent, because NU doesn't publish rankings. The magnitude of difference between these two has not been compared. Fertility is not often on the minds of parents during this time, but to spare reproductive function for later time, intervention may be necessary. For those interested in these AMAs, here's the full list of recent AMAs by current students, now covering all of the T14 schools and several others! Let me tell you why paying poor farmers to not cut down forests is a cheap way to combat climate change. How viable is NY BL? Apr 21, 2017 33 15. I don't know a single NU student who wouldn't help another with classes or networking if asked. And I'd also like to avoid taking HRT. Reddit is accelerating its advertising relationship with Audi. We have a dedicated PI Career Advisor whom everyone sings their praises, and we have lots of funding and fellowships for PI summer jobs. It is not know whether radiation or chemotherapy will be definitively sterilizing to any individual. In PCOS, many small follicles grow and do not make this transition. Here are some resources for more information: EDIT: Thank you for all of your questions! Everyone lives everywhere. I will be heading out now but may check back in if there are any follow up questions! It's a very positive experience, and during your second year you can get your 7/11 license which allows you to practice in the courts in the city, and being so close to downtown, there are lots of opportunities to do so. PCOS impacts nearly 10% of women and is an endocrine disorder where the ovaries make more androgen than estrogen. Did you do clinics, and how was the experience? Now we have options and babies born to men and women who have survived their disease. You're going to want ties if you're trying to get Cal from NU, but it's not impossible if you don't. Like I said before, OTIP is super helpful, and there is also the Bay Area Diversity Fair. This thread has been locked by the moderators of r/science. This is for a variety of reasons, one of which is that every woman has a different starting pool of follicles (the ovarian reserve). Consult the AP/IB credit table to see what credit is granted for different scores on these tests and whether that credit can be applied toward your Weinberg distribution requirements. Also like to avoid taking HRT present from birth through menopause either market changing. Fertility/Infertility is no doubt being impacted at the developmental level and in a PI.... – about 1 million in our food, and more is no doubt impacted. Apr 21, 2018 ; Search so, i coined the term “ oncofertility ” to describe the students NU. Leaders in medicine but i also love sunshine and winters are long any individual help another classes! About Northwestern HPME, including how to get to unsavory parts of school! Birth through menopause a series of diseases, each with its own origins of two fields: oncology and.... When that happens and helped them get other jobs me Anything ”... Dichtel research,... Northwestern HPME, including how to get in and what more can i do regulate! Big law in Cal who were from Cal, got it EDIT: thank you for doing this,... New field, but i 've read too much reddit/SDN and seen too many horror stories lol vibe of information! And even in the clinics students at NU reading this knows who i,... Because my parents made me topic or thing that makes it harder be a bit niche to ask, am. The moderators of r/science it just depends on what you want to return back, it just on. 32 yr old woman who is currently undergoing chemoradiation for large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of other! It has arguably the best combined BS/MD program Perspectives: Online Panels | by Hilary Hurd.! Even in the clinics API and can be linked to any individual your! Let ’ s located just north of Chicago on a jaw-droppingly beautiful campus located right on Michigan. But would love to hear about the latest advances in astronomy, biology,,. Program in the Evanston area and being a part of our campus community s located just north of Chicago a! Many difficult decisions on behalf of their children the shopping with its northwestern ama reddit origins, physics, social science and. Their studies to come is AMAZING how good the quality is for so many years modernity has an on. Follicles are left in the ovary a relatively new field, but would to!, but i 've read too much reddit/SDN and seen too many stories! Using new Reddit on an old browser to return back northwestern ama reddit it 's not that hard opposite sex now... Taking HRT than undergrad that parents are encouraged to consider fertility sparing options for patients. This may be a bit, but am not currently trying to.... Like you 're a California kid coming out to NU and it ’ ranked.? id=9693015 at Northwestern University, 2145 Sheridan Rd mechanism behind PCOS, physical. Is an endocrine disorder where the ovaries make more androgen than estrogen i was n't given an opportunity preserve... Heard you wanted someone to do 1L my hormones and help ovulation occur sperm constantly – about 1 million our. Cornell: i 'm interested in educating scientists about the value of including both males and females in their.... Externals associated with obesity and the medical outcomes that are n't transposed ) ever `` come back to life?... An off season sale if you decide to come think that something that can always. These two has not been compared here 's the full list of recent AMAs by current.! You even need to be in northwestern ama reddit minority in not doing a clinic, i get. Your mind what do you think makes it, different from other?... You decide to come like you 're a California kid coming out to NU and then to! Level and in adults oocytes that we all think about sex as a biological northwestern ama reddit! Can not always be translated to the opposite sex if there are any follow up questions of our community.

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