Board Meeting | February 25, 2016

by admin on February 25, 2016

Palm Worth, Inc.
Board Meeting
February 25, 2016
Palm Worth Clubhouse


Meeting called to order by Juanita Leary, Board President at 10:34 a.m.
Board members present:
Juanita Leary President
Vice President Jim Apostolico
Glenn Keller Treasurer
Marian Day Secretary
Stacey Graiziger Director via conference call
Jim Curtis Director
Mary Anne O’Bryan Director


Quorum of the Board was present and verified. Building Manager Marcy Cresswell, LCAM was present along with several shareholders


Marian Day moved that we waive the reading of the January 20, 2016 minutes and that they be approved. Second by MaryAnne O’Bryan and approved by all.


A. Approval of Previously Approved E-mail Votes
Marian Day moved to approve for the record the following votes done previously through
e-mail: 102 change of title from Robert E and Juanita R. Leary to The Juanita Rose Leary Revocable Living Trust, Gratuitous loan unit 105 and 313, Hot water heater unit 107, A/C replacement unit 306 Second by Jim Apostolico and all in favor.


Glenn Keller stated nothing to report since the annual meeting


A. Status of Security Cameras- Glenn Keller is looking in to 3 different wireless cameras. He met with the electrician to discuss wiring and need for new weatherproof secure outlet. She will be sending a quote. During that meeting it was discovered that some of the bolts under the cap at the bottom of the light poles are rusting as well as the conduit inside the poles, She will be sending a separate quote.
B. Pool Deck Repair and Painting – The pool company has been monitoring the pool and does not notice any visible signs of leaking. They state that the wind has a lot to do with the evaporation or dropping of the water levels especially in the ponds.
C. Shutter and Door painting – Marcy stated that several shutters are still in need of maintenance and or painting. The Board has approved Marcy to send a letter stating that Kevin will be painting the shutters that need it for $50 per shutter starting March 1 at the shareholders expense. Donna Whitlock gave approval to do whatever work on hers that need to be done.
D. Completion of Paint Project – Juanita and Marcy walked around with Frankie from Munyan to review items still on punchout list. The engineer will do a walk through before final payment is released. During walk through it was observed that there was a lot of sand and salt that accumulates on the walls, windows, rails and walkways. An engineer will be providing a letter stating the necessity of washing down the building 1 time per month.


A. Building Committee – The building committee met and discussed several items.
The list of contacts for the buildings will be posted in the maintenance room.
There was a discussion on the annual window maintenance that Palm Worth is responsible for. The committee is checking in to having an outside company, possibly Dennis Cass, to do the annual maintenance rather than having Kevin do it. Other items discussed were drainage and repaving of the parking lot, aluminum door handles, the walkways, the pool settling, and hurricane shutters.
B. Social Committee -Thank you to Sandy Moran for organizing the Annual Meeting party. It was a test of wits and patience due to weather. Easter, March 27 is next party being chaired by Judy and Gretchen again this year. Susie Apostolico has been working with Brandon’s at Lake Worth Golf Course to again host a year end party in April. Need people to chair/co-chair parties next year. Please contact Stacey. I would like to have a brainstorming meeting to discuss 2017 social season. Please call/email Stacey if interested in helping to discuss ideas.
C. Beautification Committee – The committee is not here to report, they are interviewing another landscape company.

8. New Business

A. Shredder- There will be a shredding truck here on Friday March 4 at 9:00 am to shred all of the office records from the storage unit. Shareholders are welcome to bring their papers for shredding down then.

A few questions were asked and answered.

Motion made by Juanita Leary to adjourn at 11:20 a.m. second Glenn Keller and all in favor

Minutes submitted by:
Marcy Cresswell, LCAM
March 4, 2016

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