Palm Beach – Hurricane Preparation – Summer 2012

by admin on August 3, 2012

Palm Worth Shareholders:

On Wednesday the Citizens Association and The Palm Beach Community Managers Association co -sponsored lunch at the South Firehouse regarding Hurricane Preparation for the Island. We had speakers from the Town of Palm Beach from the Police and Fire Department, as well as the Director of Emergency Management for the Town.

As President of the Managers Association I felt it was extremely important to co -chair this event with the President of the Citizens Association.

If we are subject to a Hurricane in Palm Beach and it has reached a Category 1 level, the island will have to be immediately evacuated of all residents and pets.Once a watch is is posted only resident’s with a Palm Beach address on their D/L with be allowed on the island, the only other ID to get on the island is a ID card issued by the Palm Beach Police Department.

Myself, Marcy and John have these cards already.

Two phone numbers have been set up for the seasonal residents to call to assess any damage to the island and their buildings,the emergency number for the Town is 561-227-7070 and a toll free number of 1-866-372-4150.

If we are subject to Hurricane -myself, Marcy and John, will do as much as possible to protect Palm Worth as always.

And as long as we phone service we will be in contact with the Board President.

Lets hope none of this has to take place.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and see you in the fall.


Robert Bucchere,VP & General Manager
Gem Property Management,Inc.
Office 561-642-5443
Fax    561-642-3299

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