Manager’s Report – End of Summer 2013

by admin on September 15, 2013

Managers end of summer report 2013

Hello Palm Worth Shareholders. It has been a long busy summer here at Palm Worth.  Due to some rain delays, the beam and railing project should be coming to completion in the next couple of weeks and the building maintenance will be back on a normal routine.  For those full time residents it has been a long, noisy, dust, messy summer. Kevin has been back to work since July and I am very pleased to have him here.  Both of the old dumpsters were rusty and have been replaced with new ones. Both elevators have new lights installed. The wooden overhang on the front of the clubhouse has been removed.  The electrical rooms and maintenance door have been ordered and will be replaced and brought up to code. Since they are not standard size doors they had to be special ordered and the job should be completed in a couple of weeks. The women’s bathroom has a new higher toilet and a hand rail has been installed. All of the shut off valves in each apartment have been replaced with a ball valve by Wards Plumbing.  If your valve is not where it was in the closet, it is on the other side of the wall in the water heater closet. If you cannot find your valve or are unsure how to use it, please contact Kevin or Marcy. The annual fire alarm test is scheduled for October 23rd beginning at 9:00 a.m. They have to access each apartment and the test is expected to take between 3 and 4 hours. It is very loud so you may want to have plans to be somewhere else. The seagrape along the ocean has been rimmed as well as all of the coconut and sabal palms.


Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

Marcy Cresswell

Palm Worth Manager

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