Letter to the Shareholders, October 20, 2017

by admin on October 20, 2017

To All Shareholders:

This is to notify you the Board’s decision to appoint Art Boyle to fill the 7th Board position left vacant with Jim Apostolico’s passing.  Art previously served on the Board and spends the season at Palm Worth.  In addition, Mary Anne O’Bryan has agreed to serve as the temporary Board Vice President.
Also, in fulfilling the other areas that Jim Apostolico was responsible for, the Board has asked Jim Curtis to Chair the Building Maintenance Committee and Glenn Keller to be the Board’s liaison with our insurance company.
As difficult as it was to address the losses to Palm Worth with Jim’s passing, we also realized the importance of maintaining a working Board.  Jim would have been instrumental in ensuring that the Palm Worth Board continued to function as it should.

Thank you,
Juanita Leary
Pres., Palm Worth Board of Directors

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