Board of Directors Meeting – June, 2012

by admin on July 21, 2012

Palm Worth, Inc.
Board of Directors Meeting
Friday June 8, 2012
Palm Worth Clubhouse


Meeting called to order by Jim Apostolico, Board President at 2:05 p.m.

Board members present:Marian Day Director

Board members present via phone conference call:
Jim Apostolico President
Juanita Leary Vice President
Glenn Keller Treasurer
Tom Wallis Secretary
Linda Brennan Director
David Gerwig Director


Quorum of the Board was present and verified. Building Manager Robert Bucchere, LCAM, was present via conference call and Marcy Cresswell, LCAM was present along with several shareholders


Motion is made by Tom Wallis to waive the reading of the April 9, 2012 Board Meeting Minutes and that they be approved with the following changes: previous Motion made by David Gerwig to exchange parking spaces 44 and 22 changed from 44 to 43 , seconded by David Gerwig and approved by all.

  1. There was a discussion regarding previous letters sent to O’Brien and Morton regarding towing and letter received from Helen O’Brien. The Board agrees that numerous attempts were made via phone and letters regarding parking lot and that all other Palm Worth shareholders should not be responsible for the cost. The Board members agree that Jim will contact them and try to resolve the issue.
  1. There was a discussion regarding remodeling plans for 214.

Motion made by Tom Wallis to approve the current plans with the following restrictions;

1. The sliding glass doors to both porches may not be removed. 2. The reconstruction of the wall between unit 212 and 214, with the stipulation that it meets all fire and building codes of the town of Palm Beach, and does not change the current configurations of units 212 and 214.

3. All construction must be done by licensed and insured contractors, and proper permits acquired. Second by Glenn Keller and all in favor.


Discussion reaffirming Board intentions regarding Nemirow sale of unit 404 and Board wants to keep this in mind for future purchases/sales for owners with 2 units

The appraisal from Wells Fargo came back which reduced the premium financed with Flat iron by $4117.00

Juanita Leary gave an update on Bulldog fence regarding a correction for neighbor approval of the gate, and was given an estimate of approximately $2000 to remove invasive plants by the berm

The Phoenix contract was received and reviewed.

John will be starting the touch up of the walkways and the black strips will be replaced on the steps

Note: The following motions were previously approved by an email vote.

Motion made by Tom Wallis to re-approve sale of 214 in the name of Robert A Graiziger, as trustee of the Robert A. Graiziger Trust agreement dated March 12, 1986 and Stacey L. Graiziger a/k/a Stacey H. Graiziger, as trustee of the Stacey L. Graiziger Trust agreement dated June 2, 1995. Second by Juanita Leary and all in favor. Jim will e-mail Graiziger and forward to the Board

Motion made by Tom Wallis to approve the remodeling of 314 subject to permits and code compliance, Second by Juanita Leary and all in favor


Motion to adjourn made by Linda Brennan at 3:25, second by Juanita Leary and approved by all

Minutes submitted by:

Marcy Cresswell, LCAM

June 18, 2012


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