Board Meeting | October 28, 2014

by admin on October 28, 2014

Palm Worth, Inc.
Board Meeting
October 28, 2014
Palm Worth Clubhouse

Meeting called to order by Juanita Leary, Board President at 2:02 p.m.

Board members present:
Juanita Leary President
Jim Apostolico Vice President
Glenn Keller Treasurer
Marian Day Secretary
Stacey Graiziger Director
Arthur Boyle Director was present via conference call
Len Lilyholm Director was absent

Quorum of the Board was present and verified. Building Manager Marcy Cresswell, LCAM was present along with several shareholders.

Jim Apostolico moved that we waive the reading of the April 9, 2014 minutes and that they be approved.  Second by Glenn Keller and approved by all.


Marian Day reads the following voted on previously through e-mail.
Sale of unit 303 from Aducci to Sue Stinson and change of stock certificate and lease to Mary Susan Stinson, Trustee of the Mary Susan Stinson Revocable Living Trust. Also the renovation of unit 303.
Water heaters for units 206, 507, and 303 (tankless)
A/C replacements for units 402, 403, 206, 406, 312, 313, 210, 310, 508 and 211
Rental of unit 301 to Grafs
Remodel of unit 411
Change of stock certificate and lease for unit 107 from David Alan Hobson to:  David Alan Hobson, as Trustee of the David Hobson revocable trust dated August 21, 2014
Approving Marcy Cresswell contract for 2 years.
Motion made by Stacey Graiziger to accept, second by Juanita and all in favor.


Glenn Keller discussed the attached report.
Marion Day moved to accept the Treasurers report, second by Stacey Graiziger and approved by all.

Glenn Keller made a motion to transfer interest in reserve account to building/concrete.
Second by Jim Apostolico and all in favor.

A.  Railing Project update

Juanita Leary discussed the contract with Slider engineering was originally for the rail and beam replacement and repairs and that he continues to work with us with regards to the support columns in the maintenance room. The railing and beam work is nearing completion; they are painting the rails now and will be painting the landings and stairs.  There were more rails than originally planned for however there should not need to be any more railing work for 5-10 years.

B. Beach and Dune project report/action

Juanita approved $500 for materials which includes posts, rope and signs, to mark/rope off dune area. Last year money was spent on removal of invasive plants and planting of new plants and they need to be protected. Will discuss private beach area at a later date.

C. Status summer repair/maintenance projects

1. The front sidewalk was replaced.  2. All rusty nails around building were removed and replaced by Waterfront. 3. The leaking sewer pipe in storage room was repaired.  4. Sensor light was put in hallway to storage room. 5. The beach and backyard gates were changed from decorative cast aluminum to picket and will require less maintenance.

A. Maintenance room concrete floor repair, two (2) support column repairs, construction of pool pump platform, etc to prevent overflow onto floor.

There is another support column by Kevins work bench in bad shape along with the floor underneath that will be repaired and the center of the room floor is hollow and needs to be removed and repaired.  Much of the damage in that room is caused by the chlorine in the room. The pump and filter have been lifted and put in a closed container that can be drained outside. Glenn and Juanita have been working closely together on the financial situation and making every effort not to have to assess even as this job continues to grow.

B. Report on mechanical/electrical firm’s (Kamm Engineering) consultation concerning the plumbing stacks, proposed video of stacks – presented by Art Boyle.

Art Boyle wants to use Pipelining Technologies to put a video camera down the stacks and to give a report on the condition of the stacks. He feels that it is an issue that should continue to be discussed. Juanita Leary stated that her main concern at the present moment is the support columns in need of repair and that should this be done in the future she wants an independent company that will not profit from finding a problem. She also stated that about 15 years ago there was a problem with bugs in one of the apartments and video was done and there was a crack found and repaired. Juanita spoke with a plumbing/electrical engineer and her conversation with him is attached. Juanita suggested that Art work together with Bill Bohn who was also interested in this procedure.

C. Committees formed for the following:
Painting/Caulking the building -2015, Len Lillyholm

Solution to the deteriorating concrete block wall at clubhouse – Vickie and Dave Gerwig, Stacey Graiziger

Lenny Lilyholm agreed to chair the painting and caulking which is planned for summer of 2015 and cannot be postponed due to windows leaking and causing further damage.

Stacey and Vicky should have options for the privacy wall in January.

Several questions and comments were discussed including flowers and new soil, unit 100, video cameras for security. Juanita suggested a committee headed by Glenn Keller who will look into options, park and playground next door, Garbage bins and privacy wall at bank building, spickets and hose to roof for A/C maintenance, A/C’s getting bigger and taking up more space, Marcy will send letter to A/C companies to stay in allotted space, approved windows rusting and bars breaking. Will get committee to work on options.

Motion made by Juanita Leary to adjourn at 3:21 p.m. second Marian Day and all in favor


Minutes submitted by:

Marcy Cresswell,  LCAM
November 6, 2014


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