Board Meeting Minutes 1-16-12

by admin on January 20, 2012

Palm Worth, Inc.
Board of Directors Meeting
Monday, January 16, 2012
Palm Worth Clubhouse
2850 South Ocean Blvd.
Palm Beach, FL 33480

Meeting called to order by Jim Apostolico, Board President at 2:35 PM
Board members present:
Jim Apostolico             President
Glenn Keller                 Treasurer
Tom Wallis                   Secretary
David Gerwig               Director
Juanita Leary               Director
Linda Brennan             Vice President was absent for the meeting

Quorum of the Board was present and verified.  Building Manager Robert Bucchere, LCAM, was present with Marcy Cresswell, LCAM along with several shareholders.


Motion made by Tom Wallis that the reading of the November 15th, 2011 minutes be waived and approved, second by Glenn Keller and approved by all.
Treasurer’s report was given by Glenn Keller. End of November total in all accounts is $273,000; reserves – $ 179,847, prepaid assessments – $ 18,622, operating account – $74,764, net through November $10,311. Motion made by Tom Wallis to accept treasurers report, second by Juanita Leary and approved by all.

Motion made by Tom Wallis to issue stock certificate to MaryLou Grinnell, second by Juanita Leary and approved by all.
Jim Apostolico announced that The Palm Beach Citizen Association annual meeting would be held  Friday January 27,2012 and that the preview of election meeting would be Wednesday January 25th, 2012.
There was a brief discussion of the pool leak. It was agreed that Robert would call Kate as well as Champion Pool to come check the leak and that the situation would be monitored until then.
Annual Meeting Update –   Jim Apostolico gave an update on the annual meeting. There are 4 positions available and 4 applicants so there will be no election. .   Discussed the possibility of having a quest speaker.
Motion made by Tom Wallis to appoint Marion Day to fill opening on the board due to Len Lilyholm’s resignation, second by David Gerwig and approved by all.
Permits – John and Shirley McKinney want permission to replace a bedroom window that will not close. There was discussion regarding “required” permits for future projects and whose responsibility it is to know the town requirements. Juanita Leary read a letter written by Linda Brennan regarding this (enclosure 1). Robert Bucchere read a statement and the job description of a LCAM.  The Board agrees that it is the licensed venders who should be knowledgeable in this area. Motion made by Tom Wallis to approve replacement of McKinney’s’ window subject to licensing and permits, second by Juanita Leary and approved by all. Motion made by Juanita Leary to approve future water heater installations by licensed plumber with permit subject to approval, second by Tom Wallis and approved by all.
Maintenance and schedule/hours – Jim Apostolico discussed Robert and John being out due to injuries and Marcy Cresswell and Kevin Brocious filling in. Jim proposes to the board that starting January 30, 2012 John be on the schedule for 18 hours per week and Kevin for 8 hours per week. This will allow someone to be here 6 days a week to include Saturday for an additional $50 per week. The cleaning person will also not be working after January. Motion made by Jim Apostolico to approve the above schedule, second by Glenn Keller and approved by all. A schedule will be posted three (3) weeks in advance.
Juanita spoke briefly  about the landscaping and  the replacement of Palm trees and removal and replacement of Hibiscus

There were a few questions from the shareholders. The board discussed at length the trashing of the clubhouse by young guests of unit owners. Many alcoholic containers were scattered about and evidence of drug use found. The toilets were stopped up and feces were on the floor. Motion made by Tom Wallis that Persons under the age of 21 may not use the clubhouse at any time unless they are accompanied and under the supervision of the unit owner, second by Juanita Leary and approved by all. This will be added to the amended House Rules.

Motion to adjourn at 4:25p.m.  made by David Gerwig, second by Tom Wallis and approved by all

Minutes submitted by:
Marcy Cresswell, LCAM
GEM Property Management
January 19, 2012

Enclosure pg 3.

From: <Brcnnanlindal@aol,com> Date: Friday, January 13.2012 9:12 PM

Attach: Florida Plumbing Code.pdf-vl .pdf Subject: Monday’s Board Meeting

I have asked Juanita Leary to read the following statement by me at the Board meeting on Monday, January, 16, 2012.

Since 1 will not be at the Board meeting on Monday, I want to express my concern regarding permits for the replacement of water heaters. The Town of Palm Beach

follows and enforces Section 105.2 of the State Building Codes which requires permits for water heaters. I have attached the Florida Plumbing Code for both the Board’s and Property Managers information. This also includes procedures for emergency cases if a water heater is required immediately.

If the Board believes that a permit is not required for water heaters whether or not rewired, I suggest this matter be verified since this exposes our shareholders to fines and liabilities. While it is not up to the Board members as volunteers to interpret building codes, it is incumbent on our Property Management to verify what is required by the town, county and state when we have work done on our premises.

This is why we hired an LCAM. This verification comes from the building code and/or speaking to the right person at the town, county or state level. This verification does not come from other property managers or vendors. Our shareholders replace water heaters all of the time, so it is imperative that we give them the correct information.

One of our units had a new water heater installed recently by Plumbing Renovations and there is no pan. That is against code and there was no permit.

It is simple to check whether or not a permit is required for work. The names and numbers are all on one sheet. The Chief Plumbing Inspector for permits and the code is Brian Thomas in the Town of Palm Beach. His number is 227-6418.

The Board should have an understanding of what our exposure is if work is done without the required permits. It is our fiduciary responsibility that we follow rules and

regulations when we agree to be on the Board of Directors.

Linda Brennan
Vice President
Board of Directors of Palm Worth

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