Board Meeting – March 13, 2014

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Palm Worth, Inc.

Board Meeting

March 13, 2014

Palm Worth Clubhouse



Meeting called to order by Juanita Leary, Board President at 3:00 p.m.

Board members present:

Juanita Leary President

Jim Apostolico Vice President

Glenn Keller Treasurer

Marian Day Secretary

Len Lilyholm Director

Stacey Graiziger Director

Arthur Boyle Director



Quorum of the Board was present and verified. Building Manager Marcy Cresswell, LCAM was present along with several shareholders.

Juanita Leary welcomes the new Board members



Marian Day moved that we waive the reading of the January 23, 2014 minutes and that they be approved.  Second by Stacey Graiziger and approved by all.




Glenn Keller gave the following treasurers report based on the January 2014 financials. The numbers from the Treasurer’s Report are:

$120,936 – In our Operating account

-$34,855 – Prepaid Assessments

$86,081   -available cash

-$40,000 – Recommended held for emergency by Auditors

$42,102   – excess cash on hand

$4406      – accounts payable

Total in reserve accounts $ 267,505


Jim Apostolico moved to accept the Treasurers report, second by Marian Day and approved by all.



     A.  Approve items previously approved by E-mail

Motion made by Marian Day to approve for the record; hot water heater 102, Tile floor 105 to be done in May and Eye ring for Juliette (scooter) 107

Arthur Boyle moved to accept, second by Stacey Graiziger and approved by all.


     B. Contract with new Law Firm

A very informative meeting with the new attorney (Peter Mollengarden) was held this morning. His firm can look over trusts should the need arise in the future.  A discussion dealing with the removal of the wall outside the clubhouse was held and Board member certification courses were also discussed.

     C. Status off-site rental storage bin

Marian Day and Marcy went to the storage bin last summer and determined that the paperwork there is way beyond 7 years old. Marian Day will evaluate the material this summer in an attempt to eliminate the need for the storage unit.  Palm Worth has a safety deposit box next door at Bank United should anything need to be stored there.

     D. Railings

Juanita, Len and Jim met with the Engineer and the contractor. It was originally thought that there was an additional 15-20 railings to be done. They discussed thoughts, questions and concerns which all related to getting any necessary work done before painting of the building. It was determined that there are 20 angled and 28 straight sections that need to be replaced and there was an additional discussion about concrete/stucco repair that will need to be done. Palm Worth will have approximately $50,000 by the end of June to cover the job. Juanita will attempt to get Waterfront to drop the set up charge since the scope of work will be much more than originally thought.

Art Boyle moved that Juanita determine final dollar amount and get back to the Board for final approval. Jim Apostolico moved to approve Marcy Cresswell for 2 hours 2 extra days a week for $200 a week for the duration of the project.



    A. Storage Room clean out dates – Dumpster

Juanita stated that the inspection by the Fire Marshall is expected soon and that Palm Worth may be fined if the walkways and areas above storage units are not clear. Len Lilyholm moved to designate March 27th and 28th for storage cleanout and dumpster rental, second by Arthur Boyle and approved by all. Marian Day and Carol Lilyholm will oversee items that may or may not be kept to donate rather than disposed of.

The flagpole that was previously approved has been put on hold due to the need for a wind engineer and other requirements.

   B. Board appointment of committees – standing and ongoing

Standing Committees are: – Social Committee: Stacey Graiziger – coordinator

 Legal Documents:  Stacey Graiziger – coordinator

Beautification: David and Vickie Gerwig – coordinators

Motion made by Jim Apostolico to appoint these committees for 2014/2015, second by Len Lilyholm and all in favor.

Building maintenance committee:  Motion made by Marian Day to approve building maintenance committee, second by Stacey Graiziger and all in favor.

   C. Committee Reports

1. Beautification – Vickie Gerwig spoke about the entry to the clubhouse being completed. She stated that Gary Hower has volunteered to water and fertilize the potted plants. Phase 1 of the front lawn planting project is done. Eventually the committee would like to be able to utilize the sliding doors, remove wall, put down pavers and possible arbor over the front door covered with Bougainvillea.  She is unable to give an idea of cost at this time as specs are needed and must be submitted for pricing.

2. Building Maintenance – Len Lilyholm stated that the committee consists of Len Lilyholm, Tom Wallis, Mike Mellquist, Jim Curtis and Arthur Boyle. Art is in charge of Electrical subcommittee. He states that Palm Worth is implementing maintenance request forms to be filled out and given to the manager. The committee has walked with Kevin and compiled a summer list including the bathroom doors replacement and some rail repairs. Kevin put in a 4” pipe for the overflow in back of 107 so water will run down the side of the building.

Arthur Boyle checked out high speed internet for the building which would run $35 per person per month with AT&T and $32 with Comcast. Since not everyone will use it or wants it, it was determined that it will continue to be at individual shareholders expense, should they want internet.  He also spoke about re lighting the storage room. Two bids were obtained one from Reef Electric the other from Mur-E-Lectric. Art suggested Reef at the cost of $2998. There was some additional discussion regarding permitting and additional lighting.  Glenn Keller made a motion to approve electrical installation. Art  will investigate final dollar amount and get back to the board , second by Jim Apostolico and approved by all.

3. Social – Stacey gave an update on social events and that she is already planning for 2015. She is looking for volunteers.

Len Lilyholm briefly spoke about pipe issues and individual insurance coverage.



There was a discussion about signage for private beach, no pets etc. and whether or not signs must be approved.  It is noted that upon future requests from a shareholder to renovate their apartment, the manager will coordinate schedule with plumber so that pipes can be inspected.  It was discussed that the South side of the building is very dark and possibly dangerous.  Art will look into lighting for South side.



Motion made by Jim Apostolico to adjourn at 4:40 p.m. second Glenn Keller and all in favor





Minutes submitted by:

Marcy Cresswell,  LCAM

March 19, 2014



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