Annual Report Of The Window Committee

by admin on February 15, 2012

2850 South Ocean Blvd.
Palm Beach, FL 33480

Annual Meeting
February 21, 2012


The Palm Worth Window Committee, comprised of Chairperson David Hobson, Glenn Keller and Mike Moffitt, has prepared this report in response to the request of Board President Jim Apostolico. We were charged with several tasks:

Review the prior Survey reported in March of 2008 with a view toward examining particularly the porch windows rated 4 and 5 on a five point scale.
Conduct a survey of a sample of all of the porch windows to determine the extent of possible deterioration since 2008.
Review the summer window maintenance protocol in the light of findings from the survey and make recommendations accordingly.
Include John Self in the review process so that he may be informed of unfolding developments with the porch windows. John performs the summer maintenance program.

The committee examined all of the windows rated #4 four years ago, finding no additional deterioration. In addition, the committee conducted an examination of roughly half of all of the porch windows, also finding minimal deterioration occurring since 2008. We found zero windows in need of replacement.

We did find a few problems, all of which can be remedied this summer.
There are some breaks in caulking on the outside of first floor porch windows, no doubt caused by the irrigation system sprinkling cascading water over the windows. All of the first floor caulking should be inspected and replaced where cracked and broken.
Quite a few armetures are evidencing some rust. These should be scraped with a wire brush and rust resistant paint applied to the surface.
Some cranks were found inoperable or badly degraded and in need of replacement.
In window corners, primarily, we found some aluminum oxidation (pitting). Glenn Keller noticed this problem occurring on his windows three years ago and did the following to good effect: Scrape the oxidation off with a wire brush, sand the surface, apply some white silicone over the area. Glenn says this treatment has prevented any further deterioration. The Board may want to consider making this procedure part of the summer maintenance program.
Some windows were found with the bars still attached. The Board may want to consider whether or not to remove, the bars, treat the windows, and replace these bars.

The Committee noticed again what we have brought to shareholders attention previously, namely, windows which are not opened do not deteriorate, windows on lower floors have way more salt to deal with, and periodically washing out the salt with warm soapy water will do wonders for window preservation. SALT IS THE ENEMY!

Finally, we urge every shareholder to look carefully at your porch windows. If you find any matter of concern, please contact David Hobson, Glenn Keller or Mike Moffitt.

The good news is that our porch windows are standing up very well to the elements. They have not significantly deteriorated over the past several years. None require replacement. Some hardware needs replacement and maintenance is absolutely a necessity.

Thanks for your attention,

David Hobson
Glenn Keller
Mike Moffit

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