Annual Meeting Reports – February 2012

by admin on March 18, 2012

2850 South Ocean Blvd.
Palm Beach, FL 33480

Annual Meeting
February 21, 2012


The Palm Worth Window Committee comprised of Chairperson David Hobson, Glenn Keller and Mike Moffitt has prepared this report in response to the request of Board President Jim Apostolico. We were charged with several tasks:

Review the prior Survey reported in March of 2008 with a view toward examining particularly the porch windows rated 4 and 5 on a five point scale.
Conduct a survey of a sample of all of the porch windows to determine the extent of possible deterioration since 2008.
Review the summer window maintenance protocol in the light of findings from the survey and make recommendations accordingly.
Include John Self in the review process so that he may be informed of unfolding developments with the porch windows. John performs the summer maintenance program.

The committee examined all of the windows rated 4 four years ago, finding no additional deterioration. In addition, the committee conducted an examination of  more than half of the porch windows, also finding minimal deteriation ocurring since 2008. We found zero windows in need of replacement.

We did find a few problems, all of which can be remedied this summer.

There are some breaks in caulking on the outside of first floor porch windows, no doubt caused by the irrigation system sprinkling cascading water over the windows. All of the first floor caulking should be inspected and replaced where cracked and broken.
Quite a few armitures are evidencing some rust. These should be scraped with a wire brush and rust resistant paint applied to the surface.
Five cranks were found inoperable or badly  degraded and in need of replacement.
In window corners, primarily, we found some aluminum oxidation (pitting). Glenn Keller noticed this problem occuring on his windows three years ago and did the following to good effect: Scrape the oxidation off with a wire brush, sand the surface, apply some white silicone over the area. Glenn says this treatment has prevented any further deterioration. The Board may want to consider making this procedure part of the summer maintenance program.
Some windows were found with the bars still attached. The Board may want to consider whether  or not to remove, the bars, treat the windows, and replace these bars.

The Committee noticed again what we have brought to shareholders attention previously, namely,  windows which are not opened do not deteriorate, windows on lower floors have way more salt to deal with, and periodically washing out the salt with warm soapy water will do wonders for window preservation. SALT IS TH ENEMY!

Finally, we urge every shareholder to look carefully at your porch windows. If you find any matter of concern, please contact David Hobson, Glenn Keller or Mike Moffitt.

The good news is that our porch windows are standing up very well to the elements. They have  not significantly deteriorated over the past several years. None require replacement. Some hardware needs replacement and maintenance is absolutely a necessity.

Thanks for your attention,

David Hobson
Glenn Keller
Mike Moffitt


This year is the 50th Anniversary at Palm Worth and the Social committee has been quite busy trying to make it a special year.

We started the season with an opening appetizer supper in January.  In early February, there were 41 of us who took a bus Trip to the Gulf Stream Casino.  We hope everyone had fun.

We followed this on February 15th with our Valentine party in which Art and Carol Boyle were king and queen for the night.

Thursday will be our 50th Anniversary dinner at Couco Pazzo.   Appetizers and cash bar start at 5:30 followed by dinner.  We have 50 people attending, so it should be a great night.

March 14th will be a special party around the pool.  Ed, the Steel Drum player will be back to give us great music.  Pictures of the past 50 years will be displayed and discussed, thanks to the help of Sue and Glenn Keller and a group of longtime residents of Palm Worth.  There will be good food, nice music and great memories of the past.
Look for more information and the sign-up sheet soon for this event.
We are always looking for extra help to set up and take down.

On March 25th, we will have our annual Golf Tournament at the Par 3 Golf Course in Palm Beach.  It will be followed by hamburgers and hot dog supper around the pool.  Sign-up sheets for that event will follow.

If anyone wants to help with the Easter dinner (Kentucky Fried Chicken) around the pool, we would be happy for volunteers.

Thanks to the board for giving us extra money this year to make this a fantastic 50th Anniversary.  Hope everyone has enjoyed our efforts.

Carol Boyle Sue Keller and I were happy to make this year a memorable one.

Sue Apostolico

Comments at 2012 Annual Meeting

2011 was a difficult year for me. My mother passed away in July and in November I fell and broke my leg and ankle and required major surgery to put my ankle back together.
I was also saddened by the loss of 3 exceptional men who were true gentlemen and I was honored to know them.

Walter Cairns – Walter was a Board member when I interviewed for the manager’s position here at Palm Worth. His kindness to me during that process and throughout my time here is something that I will always remember.
Oscar Morgenstern -Oscar was the Treasurer of the Board when I came to Palm Worth, we worked very closely together during his time as Treasurer on all financial matters regarding Palm Worth. I enjoyed the many conversations we had after his time as Treasurer and I was fortunate to have his friendship.
Jim Grinnell – I will miss hearing “Robert the pool is too cold, raise the temperature.” Jim always welcomed me to his apartment and we would talk about books and authors that we both liked.  I will always remember his positive attitude and that he never complained about his illness. I know the pool will be warm for him in heaven.

Jim Apostolico has mentioned many of the accomplishments that occurred during 2011, so I will not repeat them here. But my responsibility to PW does not end when the majority of you leave for the season as summers here are very busy as the last few summers can attest.
Both John and I were away from Palm Worth for an extended period of time in the latter part of 2011, Marcy Cresswell, a welcome addition to Gem Property Management, was superb in my absence the last few months and continues to do a great job.

Kevin Brocious filled in for John effortlessly and I thank him for his hard work and welcome him officially as a Palm Worth employee.

In April it would mark 5 years that I am the Palm Worth property manager. I have always considered PW to be the “Gem” -no pun intended- of my company’s portfolio and I have done  my best as your manager not only in the time I spend on site here but in the many hours off site dealing with the business of PW.

Criticism is part of a manager’s job and I know you can’t please everyone all the time. I can only assure all of you that Gem Property Management, whether it is me or Marcy who comes to Palm Worth every day, will continue to give Palm Worth 100 percent.

In closing, I welcome Marian Day to the Board and look forward to working with her and I want to thank the rest of the Board for their support.

Robert A. Bucchere
Gem Property Management
February 21, 2012
FEBRUARY 15, 2011

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