The Board of Directors accomplishes much of its work through committees consisting of board members and/or volunteer shareholders. The currently active committees are described below. Volunteers are always welcome. If you would like to volunteer or leave a comment for one of the committees, please use the form below.

Beautification Committee

This committee works with the association’s landscapers to ensure that our grounds remain healthy and beautiful through the year.

Co-Chairs: David and Vickie Gerwig

Building Committee

This committee acts as a conduit between the shareholders and the property manager and maintenance staff. The committee is composed of two board members and one shareholder from each of our four buildings. The goal of the committee is to assure that Palm Worth is kept in the best physical condition possible.

Chair: Jim Curtis

Building representatives:

  • Rusty Moran, Southwest Bldg. (units _01 thru _03)
  • Sam Nemirow, Southeast Bldg. (units _04 thru _07)
  • Tom Wallis, Northwest Bldg. (units _08 thru _10)
  • Tracy Luther, Northeast Bldg. (units _11 thru _14)

Social Committee

This committee is responsible for organizing fun and interesting activities to bring the community together to meet and socialize with each other. The Social Calendar tab lists social events scheduled for the year.

Chair: Mary Anne O’Bryan

Member: Sandy Moran

Security Committee

This committee makes recommendations to the Board concerning the security of the Palm Worth property and residents.

Chair: Sandy Moran

Member: Barbara Altenburg

Window Committee

Co-Chairs: Gary Hower ( and Scot Northrup (

This committee is appointed by the board of directors for the purpose of researching and recommending replacement windows and doors for The Palm Worth Co-op. As Shareholders remodel and improve their units, they are discovering the jalousie windows are no longer approved by the Palm Beach Building Department. Therefore the board of directors feel it is necessary to find suitable replacement windows and doors, in order to maintain a consistent appearance throughout the exterior of our mid-century building.

Goals of the window committee:

  1. Select the windows with the nicest look and quality for all walkway and bedroom windows.
  2. Select a window manufacturer we believe will be available many years so we can have the best chance of purchasing matching windows, installation, parts and maintenance, for the foreseeable future.
  3. Consider the window locations and the effects of sun and salt.
  4. Minimize maintenance and cleaning efforts for the shareholders.
  5. Minimize future repair costs for the shareholders.
  6. Select windows that open and close easily.
  7. Select windows that allow for sun light and air movement.
  8. Select windows with high energy conservation ratings, which should meet future code requirements.


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